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We help you get your visa, travel, study and work abroad.

We specialise in translating legal and official documents:

Birth certificates

Marriage certificates

Death certificates

Diplomas, degree certificates

Transcripts for school/university applications

ACRO certificates

Police checks

Animal export health certificates

Wills and death certificates for succession and intergenerational planning

Travel permits for minors

Certificates of incorporation 

Trading documentation

Franchise agreements

Distribution Agreements with international stakeholders

Supporting documentation for funding/grants application

Contracts of employment

Lease agreements

Insurance Policies


Certified translations of official documents

For legal purposes, certified translations of trading documentation, funding and grants applications, distribution agreements, franchise contracts, employment regulations, and data policies may be required by international institutions.

If you are applying for a working visa or you are going on a Trade Mission to a Latin American Country, you will need certified translations of the supporting documents for your application.

Likewise, most Universities and Schools will require certified translations of your academic degree certificates and diplomas if you are planning to study in a Spanish-speaking country.

This means that your documentation must be translated by a qualified and professional translator and we will be pleased to help you in that matter.

If your document issued in the UK needs to be legalised with the Apostille, you will need to request the Apostille before doing the translation. You can follow this link with details on how to get the Apostille, and email us at with any questions.

Why certified translations?

Why certified?

Certified translations have the stamp and signature of the professional translator. 

A statement of accuracy with contact details of the translator, and their grade of membership with professional organisations such as CIOL, and IAPTI is attached to the translated document.

Certified translations are mainly required for official and legal reasons.

Under UK regulations, we are ICO registered for Data Protection purposes.

How much? 

Certified translations are charged per document. The cost varies depending on the format of the original file, terminology, time for delivery, postage and packaging.

When you request certified translations, you are not paying only for the translation of words, but for a certification provided by an accredited language professional together with the tailor-made service you receive.

Get in contact with us and we will issue a free non-binding quote for your consideration. 

Read more about the cost of certified translations in our blog.

How do we work?

Email us digital copies of the documents you need to translate, specifying the purpose of the translation and the date when you need it for. What country is the certified translation for? 

We will share a quotation by email.

Your contact details will be required for invoicing. Payment is completed by Bank Transfer.

You will receive a digital copy of the certified translation and a hard copy delivered by Royal Mail within the UK.

How long?

The estimate for completion of a certified translation of a one-page document is 3 to 5 business days.

If you need the translation with more urgency, other options can be discussed.

We use Royal Mail Delivery services for postage within the UK or a courier service of your choice. 

When chosing our services, you will also receive digital copies of the certified translations by email before the items are posted.

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