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Having helped hundreds of clients with different needs throughout my career, here I list the most significant communication solutions I offered to professionals, businesses and companies from all corners of the world.


The Problem: 

Live interview of a Spanish speaker who did not speak English, at "This Morning Show". 

The Solution:

Consecutive English and Spanish interpreting during the interview made communication possible between "This Morning Show" presenters, the interviewee, and the British public watching the programme on TV.

Without interpretation:

The interview would not have been carried out and/or some of the questions and answers might have been misunderstood, reducing audience engagement and creating confusion on the core messages that were discussed.

Certified translations

The Problem: 

Client based in Portugal required certified translations from Spanish into English of her marriage certificate and qualifications to apply for EU Settlement Scheme. 

The Solution:

The certified translation of the documentation required was sent to the client by email and post. The documents were submitted and the client obtained the EU Family Permit she applied for.

Without certified translations:

The EU Settlement application might have been rejected and the client would not have been entitled to live and work in the UK under the EU Settlement Scheme.


The Problem: 

Archive material, such as audio and videos recorded in Spanish related to Maradona's life required in English for relevant pieces to be used by the Production Team and Director in Diego Maradona's latest documentary.

The Solution:

Transcription and translation of the audios and videos from Spanish into English with time codes to be used for reference and for  the film's subtitles [From 2016 to 2019]

Without subtitles:

The Film Production Company would not have been able to decide on the relevant footage to craft the film's story, and the final documentary would not be understood by an English-speaking audience.

Interpreter in meetings

The Problem: 

Latin American University Vice-Chancellors visited the UK on an Academic Mission to learn about best practices in Education and Governance. Some of the delegates did not speak nor understand English. 

The Solution:

As an Interpreter, I accompanied the delegation during their boardroom meetings with the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, the Provost of Imperial College London, the Principal of South Bank University, and Senior representatives from the General Medical Council, Westminster University, The University of Edinburgh and the Royal College of General Practitioners and facilitated communications, understanding and the relationship building process between all English and Spanish attendees. 

Furthermore, in addition to interpreting, I also helped with the scheduling and organisation of the meetings by contacting the UK institutions with information about the delegates' interests.

Without interpretation:

The networking opportunities, exchange of information and discussions about collaboration plans between the Latin American and British Universities would not have been possible. 

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