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International Corporations and Businesses

Are you missing opportunities for global growth?

Language barriers and cultural issues should not stop you from reaching new markets.

If you are serious about establishing connections abroad and communicating with foreign distributors, partners and suppliers to increase revenue or reduce productions costs, you can count on our professional support.

Our translation and interpreting solutions will be tailored to your requirements and interests.

We take the time to understand your ultimate purpose in business and work with you on:

  • Your visibility in other countries by translating your promotional material, brochures and product specifications.

  • Your marketing strategy by transcreating your social media content and newletters.

  • Your communications with partners, suppliers, distributors and franchisees by interpreting during business meetings and translating your correspondence, contracts, T&C, policies and NDAs.

No long-term contract

Whether you wish to translate a one page document or daily correspondence, we offer an ad-hoc service customizable to your needs.

No long-term contracts involved.

More flexibility.

Same quality and confidential service.


If you do not feel comfortable about disclosing information to an agency and unfamiliar suppliers, you can rest assured that by commissioning your services to Jaquelina Guardamagna FCIL, you will be in contact with one friendly professional who gets to know you and your business inside out to make you feel at ease when dealing with foreign stakeholders.

Bespoke Translations

Our translation services are tailored to your immediate needs and target markets.

Before embarking on the translation task, we will request a brief and a meeting with your team and marketing department to work collaborately with them and understand the vision and tone of your corporate communications.


From London to the world, we are in the capital of England since 2004, serving UK businesses and corporations that work with Latin-American and  Spanish-speaking markets.

With international professional experience acquired over 20 years and two continents, we understand the cultural practices of British and Latin American Businesses and adhere to the Laws of England and Wales.

Get ready for international negotiations & trade

In business and corporate environments, meetings involving international stakeholders are commonplace.

Translator in London will make you feel comfortable in meetings with foreign parties and ensure that your main points, intentions and tone of voice are faithfully conveyed in other languages.

Learn more about our interpreting solutions if you wish to:

  • discuss opportunities for a business deal with international stakeholders,
  • talk about your operations, business management or Human Resources in your foreign branches.
  • present an innovative proposition to a Spanish or Latin American company,
  • consider possibilities of importing/exporting,
  • analyse your accounts, business reports and books with your franchisees abroad,
  • exhibit your products at a Trade Fair in a different country,
  • visit an international Trade Show for networking purposes or to look at what your competitors are doing,
  • pitch for investment or apply for funding overseas.

Communicating effectively with your employees

Even if your employees speak and understand conversational English, clear communications from the outset about your expectations, work procedures, health and safety policies and payment terms using the language of your personnel, will prevent false assumptions and result in a more harmonious working relationship.

A professional interpreter will make sure that nothing gets lost in the communication of key aspects for staff development, training, and HR retention in your business.

We offer invaluable assistance to Human Resources Personnel under crucial situations regarding your Spanish-speaking staff involving:

  • Health and Safety Training
  • Legal aspects of the employment agreement
  • Appraisal Meetings

For a free, non-obligation consultation, book a meeting with us and we will be happy to help.