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International empowerment with words

Translator in London offers diplomatic translations for Embassies, Consulates, Ministries, Government Departments, and Foreign Mission Offices.

With qualifications in International Relations and Cross-cultural Communications and experience working with high profile Government representatives, Ministers and Ambassadors, we empower our clients with the appropriate use of words, tone, register

and etiquette.


Let us help you, your team and your citizens abroad


We offer a customized and confidential service for our clients in the diplomatic sector who want to avoid risks resulting from miscommunications when publishing:

  • Letters of request for judicial assistance,
  • Political correspondence,
  • press releases,
  • confidential documentation,
  • presentations,
  • minutes,
  • regulations,
  • newsletters,
  • website and social media content,

Certified Translations

Our certified translations of official documentation comply with the requirements set by the UK and Latin American countries for:

  • visa applications,
  • career progression and
  • travelling purposes.

We provide official translations and interpreting solutions on the foundations of our core principles of respect, discretion, data protection and professionalism.


For government and consular representatives who attend foreign missions and meet English or Spanish delegates, we offer consecutive and liaison interpreting services onsite in London and online over zoom.

By contacting us, you will work with a familiar face who keeps your information confidential, someone you can trust and makes you feel comfortable during interactions with foreign stakeholders.

A professional interpreter not only offers linguistic support, but facilitates the connections with your foreign interlocutors by understanding the cultural conventions required for building rapport and trust in a business scenario.

English-Spanish Support

If you require ad-hoc administrative support during specific days to reduce the workload on your employees, we can help by offering:

  • Bilingual content production
  • Newsletters and Social Media Management
  • Adaptability, proactivity and confidentiality
  • UK and Latin American cultural awareness
  • A friendly telephone manner
  • Translation, edition, proofreading, transcription and subtitling services.