We help you go global. We translate.

Diplomatic Translations.

Since 2008, we have been providing translation, interpreting and language training services to Embassies, Consulates, Government Departments and Diplomatic Missions in the UK.

As Chartered Translators, we offer certified translations of official documentation. Chartership is recognised worldwide as the gold standard for practitioners, whatever their profession.

We comply with CIoL Code of Professional Conduct and IAPTI Code of Ethics, hold Professional Liability Insurance and are registered with ICO [Information Comissioners Office] under EU GDPR.

We have worked with the following organisations:

United Nations  .  UK Ministry of Defence .  IPCV . 

. Ministry of Education of Puebla, Mexico .  Embassy of Venezuela .   

Ministry of Tourism of Argentina FCO .  

Translations for Media.

 Social Media. TV. Videos. Films. Audio. Podcasts. Publications.

Translation  . Transcription . Subtitling .

Transcreation .  .  Localisation

Jaquelina translated videos and audio recordings for the documentary of 'Diego Maradona' by Oscar Winning Director Asif Kapadia. She also worked as an interpreter for 'This Morning Show' at ITV, at the Frontline Club and at ITN. She produced subtitles for RT, Sky and other UK Film Production Companies.

Corporate Translations.

Translator in London takes the time to understand your brand, values and your company's ethos. We work with your Corporate Communications Team and Marketing Managers to promote your business globally

We project your voice to the world.

Press releases . Websites Executive Briefs . Newsletters Blogs PR Campaigns .  Columns .

Internal communications? We assist your H.R. and Personnel Department to convey your message to participants working for and in your business.

Contracts of employment . Health and Safety Policies Notifications . Terms and Conditions Performance Planning and Review Minutes .

   Green Infrastructure.


We love nature and our environment. 

That's why we work with Contractors, Architects and Developers who focus on mitigating the effects of climate change, reducing pollution, enhancing biodiversity, and protecting our natural resources through innovative eco-projects, designs and developments.

CleanTech . Ecobuild Green Architecture  Wastewater Treatment 

Circular Economy Sustainable Designs Renewable Energy .  

International Meetings.

We translate all documentation that needs to be circulated before and after business meetings. We communicate your business concept, idea, product or mission to global stakeholders. We offer face to face interpreting, telephone interpreting and business interpreting during Zoom meetings.

During meetings in London, we offer consecutive interpreting services. 

Consecutive interpreting relies on the interpreter's short-term memory.

You speak . We take notes . You pause . We interpret .  

We mainly work with business distributors, dealers and manufacturers.

We also interpret in training courses for Spanish-Speaking Personnel working for British Companies. 

Trade Fairs . Training Courses Academic Missions .