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Having studied Translation for Media at City University, I combine 13 years of experience in the translation sector with an understanding of the work that goes behind the scenes in the Broadcasting industry. 

In 2013 I completed my first TV interpreting assignment on live television at ITV "This Morning Show".

During the worldwide live coverage of the Chilean Miners rescue in 2011, I offered linguist support to content editors and journalists at ITN studios.

I was commissioned to work on the subtitles of archive videos and Spanish audios for the production of Diego Maradona's documentary by Oscar-winning director Asif Kapadia, and of Roberto (Hands of Stone) Duran. I also produced subtitles for Ross Kemp's Extreme World Series. 

With a particular interest in commercials, documentaries, and educational material in the sustainability sector, I can assist your team with English-Spanish communications and intercultural issues.

Whether you need translations, interpreting, subtitling or linguistic support, I will be happy to work alongside your TV crew during the shooting, production or post-production process of raw audio-visual and written content in English and Spanish.

TV Interpreting

The TV Interpreter helps you with the spoken word.

An interpreter will support your communications with Film Directors, Producers, Broadcasters, TV Presenters and Spanish-Speaking crews, actors, celebrities, communities, business owners and diplomats.

The Interpreter can work with you in your London studio or remotely.


There are different concepts associated with subtitling:

Captions, transcriptions, translations, time-codes, burning, synchronising.

We specialise in translating and proofreading the script of your SRT files into English and Spanish. 

However, we can also help with captions, monolingual transcription of audio, time-coding and synchronization.

We will transcreate your audio to produce subtitles under your specifications in terms of format and length to facilitate reading and translate ideas that make sense, rather than words.

AV Translations

A professional translator helps you with the written word.

We will flag up any cultural issues which may hinder understanding of what it is said in foreign countries.

Our translations are crafted to render the intention of the original text, to inspire, evoke feelings, or tell stories that trigger the desired action in the target audience.

Let us translate your scripts, social media content, NDAs, T&C, agreements, contracts, datasheets, reports and much more.


We assist you with the post-production of the content generated for foreign audiences. 

Once your editors synchronise the captions on the video, we will review their work before your start streaming or broadcasting.

We can come to your studio, and work with your editors during the subs’ synchronization.

Our understanding of the nuances of English and Spanish means that your video will be in the best possible shape for the audiences you are targeting.


Our rates depend on your specific requirements, the volume of the project and deadlines. 

Special fees are offered for long-term projects and regular work.

Interpreting is generally charged per half a day, including preparation costs. 

There is a minimum flat fee for translations per file, which includes set-up, preparation, export, delivery and administration.

Rates for subtitling will depend on whether a SRT file is provided or whether burning and synchronisation of the

subs is required.

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