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Internationalisation Review


Improve your communications

and let your business grow internationally

Do you feel apprehensive about approaching (or planning to enter) new markets because of language and cultural issues?

Would you like to find a reliable partner who can help you tackle those issues in a confidential and unbiased manner?

We can help!

If you are ready to internationalise your business, we can offer the support of a London-based accredited consultant who understands the subtleties of British and Spanish-speaking markets.

We will guide you through the development and implementation of your communication strategy and encourage you to think more broadly to improve relationships with overseas distributors, partners, suppliers and customers, leading to global opportunities for your business.

Internationalisation Approach

1. Meeting [onsite/online]


We can visit your company or have an online meeting to discuss your current communication strategy and international objectives.

We will talk to your marketing, export and sales team to understand your communication strengths and weaknesses against cultural best practices for the market you are targeting.

3. Recommendations

Once the assessment stage is complete, you will receive a report listing:

- Actions to tackle weaknesses about your brand image and your digital and written communications with Spanish and Latin American audiences.

- Recommendations about best comms and cultural  practice to improve relationships with international partners, distributors, suppliers and clients.

- Information about local agents who can help you get established in the market you are targeting.

- A list of your current strengths and how to transfer them overseas.

2. Communications Review

We will review your written and spoken communications with a focus on:

- Website content, Catalogues, Promotional Materials, Press releases and Datasheets for Spanish speakers.

- Presentations and preparation for Trade Fairs.

- Handling emails, phone calls and correspondence.

- Social Media and sales processes.

4. Benefits

Our internationalisation approach will help you:

- Build your confidence and trust to trade in new and unknown markets.

- Make your marketing efforts count at international level.

- Make your website more competitive.

- Foster your business presence overseas.

- Attract global interest in your brand.

- Improve your relationships with Spanish-speaking suppliers, distributors, personnel and customers.

- Generate international sales.

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