Translation expertise


Areas of work and type of texts, files and documents translated


Website localization and SEO translations

Biligual or multilingual visibility improving your international web presence.

SEO (Search engine optimization) translations to increase your metrics and get more conversions.

Localization of your content to make it appealing within new markets.

Translations for business and government

Communicate to the world and project your business globally.

Translations of correspondance, export and import trade documentation.

Translations to help the public sector bring communities together.

Cost effective translations handled with confidentiality.

E-commerce and Marketing translations

Effective e-commerce linguistic support and localization services.

Creative translations to ensure your promotions convey the desired effect in the target market.

Translation of brochures, adverts, emails and press releases with rich descriptions and persuasive language that generate interest in foreign countries.

Technical translations

Detailed analysis of terminology and understanding of technical jargon.

Translation and localization of software strings to facilitate user-interface applications.

Consistent use of vocabulary for translations of manuals and descriptions of machinery and equipment.

Sectors include: Telecommunications, IT, Automotive, Software, Video Games.

Support of IT engineers based in the target country enhances the quality of the translation.

Medical translations

Translation and localization of medical equipment software and training material for students of medicine.

Liaison with doctors and surgeons based in the target country.

Transcription and translation of lecture conferences.

Translation of clinical, pharmacological and biological information.

Areas of expertise: Health Questionnaires, Athsma, Multiple Sclerosis, Haemophilia, Epilepsy, Neonatology, Surgery, Cardiovascular conditions, Oncology.

Language services for Media

Transcription and translation of audio files.

Translation of subtitles of video conferences, presentations and online lectures, webinars, films, Youtube videos.

Latin American Spanish Voice-overs in home studio.

Transcription and translation of teleconference interviews and meetings.

Document and legal translations

Translation of software license agreements, terms of service, purchase and lease contracts.

Translation for different legal systems: Common Law and Civil Law.

In-country lawyers' network with specialist subject knowledge.

Confidential and sensitive material kept under privacy.

Translation of word documents, excel spreadsheets, PDFs, letters, birth or marriage certificates, transcripts, diplomas, disclosures.


High quality

Editing and proof-reading of translations.

Spelling, Punctuation, Consistency and Coherence checks.

High-tech software, Translation Memories and CAT tools.




Jaquelina offers consecutive interpreting services and escorting to Spanish-speaking visitors that come to London. She worked as a London Ambassador during the Olympic Games 2012. She has received a THANK YOU Letter from the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron and has been awarded the Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Award in Welcoming Tourists and Visitors to their Destination in Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism (QCF) as part of the WorldHost™ Ambassador Workshop which supports Ambassadors in providing a warm and friendly welcome to visitors to the UK.




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