Translation Procedures

Translation procedure and translation prices


Translating is a complex process that demands linguistic research, decoding of the source document, and understanding of the subject matter, as well as cultural awareness, accuracy, and solid grammatical knowledge. University courses in translation generally demand at least four years of full time study. A translator is not only someone who speaks different languages, but a qualified professional that has undergone formal training and developed specific skills to be able to render with accuracy the message expressed in one language into another language.


How to request a translation?


Please email us a copy of the document you need translated and specify the reason why you need the translation, the country or organization where the translation is to be presented and the date/time when you need the job completed. We will email you a specific quote for your consideration.


If you decide to go ahead with the translation, we will email you the corresponding invoice. Payment can be completed in advance via bank wire transfer or Paypal, although other forms of payment can also be discussed according to your specific needs.

If we have any questions regarding the content of the document you emailed us, we will contact you straight away and when the translation is finished, it will be emailed to you. Translations of non-official documents can be completed online.


Translations of legal documents or official documents need to be endorsed by a translator’s certification in the UK. The translator will request to see a copy of the document you need to translate. A certification by a professional translator is then attached to the translated document. The translator, member of the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters, then signs and seals the certification.


Notarised translations, signed and sealed by a Notary Public to be submitted to certain Government authorities can also be provided upon request.


The hard copy of the translation will then be posted by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery Service unless it has been agreed differently between the translator and client.




Translation Rates


Translation rates are subject to the number of words per project, time for completion of the translation, subject matter, formatting guidelines and source/target languages. For a specific quote, please refer to how to request a translation? and we will email you back with a quote tailored to your needs.


Rates depend on the type of document you need to translate and the timeframe allowed for completion of the job.


Online translations (medical, marketing, tourism, gaming, technical translations)

Certified translations of legal documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, University transcripts, diplomas, criminal records certificates, etc)


Interpreting Fees (within London)

Interpreting rates depend on the length of the assignment and the type of service required. Do you need simoultaneous or consecutive interpreting services? Where? (Please specify location if possible). For how long? When?


Interpreting fees are generally calculated on a half day and full day basis.


Travelling time and expenses excluded.


Language Tuition


Fees depend on the length of the course, number of hours per week, class size and location in London where classes are to be delivered.






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