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         Jaquelina Guardamagna provides Translation and Interpreting Services to worldwide clients

With ten years of professional experience and two bachelor's degrees in languages, Jaquelina Guardamagna offers linguistic solutions to UK companies and translation agencies from around the globe. Jaquelina translates from English  into  Spanish. She works with a small team of qualified and experienced translators to offer services in different language combinations if so requested by clients. She  deals directly with your  translation requests and guarantees a personalised business service and flexibility according to your needs, as well as  confidentiality and discretion at all times.  In 2016 she has been granted Chartership by CIOL. Chartership is recognised worldwide as the gold standard for practitioners, whatever their profession.

Translator's Profile 

Jaquelina is a Chartered Translator member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists in the UK and of the International Association of Professional Translators (IAPTI) and Interpreters. She complies with the CIOL Code of Professional Conduct, the IAPTI code of Ethics and endorses the Proz Professional Guidelines for translation service providers.

In January 2013, Jaquelina was on live television at "This Morning" Show on ITV interpreting during an interview presented by Phillip Schoefield and Holly Willouhgby to Jesus Aceves, known as 'wolf boy' because of his condition called Hypertrichosis (see screenshot from 'This Morning' website on the right). Jaquelina was also the interpreter of the Minister of Education of Puebla, Mexico, at the Education World Forum 2013 in London, a global summit for education ministers debating future practice in education. 

As a qualified professional Spanish Translator Jaquelina worked for ITN during the rescue of the Chilean miners offering translation, transcription, dubbing and voice-over services. She has also translated an interview on House Eviction problems in Spain when working alongside Europe Editor and Newsreader James Mates.

In 2012, she has offered English-Spanish interpreting services in meetings and training sessions at Oxford University, Imperial College, the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Medical Schools Council.  She has also completed translations for Chrysler, General Motors, Hilton Hotels, Oxfam, Santander, Intel, Citizen, Rio Tinto and Latin American Embassies in London. In addition, Jaquelina has worked as an examiner at the UK Ministry of Defence Languages Examination Board and as a Spanish Tutor at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK.

Jaquelina's portfolio of published translations include: EASE (European Association of Science Editors) Guidelines and Your Life Map by Chuck Goetschel.

After graduating as a Translator from the National University of Cordoba (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba), Jaquelina was awarded a scholarship by the University of Westminster in London, where she completed courses not only in Translation but also in International Relations, Cross-cultural Communications, Academic English and Teaching. In 2003, she graduated as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language whilst working as Manager of an international organization. To keep up with advances in IT, Jaquelina has undergone training in Translation and Localization of websites, has studied XHTML at Hammersmith & Fulham College and has recently completed a course on Effective Search Engine Marketing at the SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) Institute. She has studied German and Translation for Media at City University. In 2011, she completed translation and sight interpreting modules for the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI-Local Government), entered into the National Qualifications Framework at Level 6 (first-degree level) and accredited by the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authority. As an EEA citizen and London based translator, she is eligible to work in the UK. For copies of her credentials, click here.


Her professional background, academic record, flexible approach to work, quality driven attitude and reasonable rates make Jaquelina a valuable asset to translation agencies and international companies alike.

Jaquelina was featured in a interview series blog by fellow colleague and Greek Translator Vasiliki Prestidge. See the interview  here.

Jaquelina Guardamagna

BA Chartered Linguist, MCIL, IAPTI, APARU

Translator in London, Founder

BA English-Spanish Translator

BA Language Teacher

Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists

                                        Member of the International Association       

                                        of Professional Translators and Interpreters

Member of Council at CIOL

Editorial Board Member of 'The Linguist'

Executive Board Member of APARU

Below: Jaquelina interpreting in a live interview at ITV 'This Morning' Show.

Spanish Interpreter on TV

One of Jaquelina's articles as published on 'The Linguist' Journal.

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