Translation Services Procedure

        Translation service: How does it work?


  • In order to issue a quote, I need specific information about the documents, content, texts or copy you need to translate.

  • Where are you sending the translation? Who would be the readers of the translated text?

  • Do you need a certification of the translation for official purposes, such as visa applications?

  • When do you need the translation for?

  • Are you flexible about delivery dates or do you need it urgently?

  • What is the format of the document you need to translate?
  • In what format would you like to receive the translation?

  • Will the translation be published?

  • As part of our data compliance journey, it is our obligation to formally inform you that at Translator in London we retain your personal data for interpreting and translation assignments, invoicing and delivery purposes, and previous documentation you have sent to us for for translation purposes. If you decide, however, that you wish for your personal data to be erased after a translation job is finished, then please email us with the subject 'Delete' and we will erase your personal details from our system. This means that any documents we have translated for you will be deleted from our system and we will not be able to recover them if you request a copy in the future.

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Request a Spanish Translation

Email a copy of the  documents or a sample of the documents you need translated and specify your requirements in terms of delivery times, target country/ public body or company where the translation is to be presented and any special requests to be taken into consideration when translating your documents. I  will then provide a quote tailored to your needs.

If you decide to confirm the job,  payment is required in advance via Bank Transfer upon receipt of the corresponding invoice.

Translations of  digital files, pdfs., word files will be delivered by email. Certified translations of official or legal documents will be posted to your address of preference within the UK.

For further information, please  contact us.


           Communication Procedure

  •  I want to create an easy business experience for you by working on all   translation projects seamlessly and by keeping communication channels open.


  •   I will ask questions to understand your requests and your target audience.

  • I will offer advice if you have any questions and keep you informed about the project.

  • My communication process is tailored to your individual needs, your timeframe, your preferences.

  • My aim is to help you reach your aims by offering cost-effective and accurate translations, and by making the process simple and easy to all clients.

  • My cultural sensitivity and understanding of Spanish speaking nations are the tools that help me produce Spanish copy of your content with creativity and wit, so that your products and services are portrayed in an appealing manner for the Spanish audiences you are targeting.

  • I am able to convey the image of trust and transparency of your brand by translating into Spanish the philosophy and mission of your business, the story that defines your company and the value and solutions you offer to customers that need YOUR services  or product.




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